lets interact more..speaking for myself

Hi..!!! I am susmita, owner of this Blog. Like others I am not passionate for cooking but yes I am a food enthusiast. I can say cooking and serving are the way to show my love for special people around me .. .I always love to cook with new ideas…In my cooking world I cook,I experiment sometimes I fail,i success,I learn and sometimes it’s fun for me…!!Read

I really amazed to start this journey of blog.. I was working as a software engineer i left my job to take care of my kid. Doing care,making food for her never known how I could be inspired for cooking. This motherhood learnt me how kitchen is the place which build a bridge to unite people of family and that come from good cooking.cooking doesn’t mean someone cook professionally,for me one should cook from heart and the main ingredient should be love….📷️ Well I just wonder for my grandmother,she was living in a small village used to served simple and delicious food with very less spices,doesn’t know how. I always try to cook like her but I couldn’t. I had a dreamed to cook with her.i always missing her when do I cook. .📷📷

My life is never less than a roller coaster ride. I enjoyed each of it’s ride🤪. This blog is a part of my new journey of this ride. In short Travelling ,Shopping another two biggest passion of my life📷…I love to travel and bring food from different places to cook at home. I do cook in open mind and open heart. I believe recipe has no soul ,you as the cook ..must bring soul to the recipe…So join with me in this new ride of my life to cook and have a taste ….I am sure the journey of us must be endlessly delicious …📷