There are different varieties of aarisha pitha preparing in festivals of odisha specially in villages.Preparing aarisha pitha is always not an easy task.The main ingredient for pitha is rice flour which should be blended freshly,means when you prepare rice flour on the same day you have to prepare it.Else your rice cookies/aarisha pitha will be broken in the time of frying.

I remembered my childhood,my grand mother used to dhenki/dhinki , a traditional wooden rice mill which she used to prepare rice powder from rice.But now a days very less use of dhinki,use only in rural of odisha.

dry soaked rice in a bamboo colander under the shade
dry soaked rice in a bamboo colander under the shade@DELIGHTSUM

Preparing rice flour you need to soak it for at least 3 to 4 hours.Then rinse it 2 to 3 times and discard all its water.Dry them in muslin cloth or traditional rice colander under a shade.It will be taken around 1 hour to soak water from rice.

Always use arua chaula /arwa chawla/raw rice(basmati rice can be used ) for preparing any pitha.

Blending and strained rice powder
Blended and strained rice powder@DELIGHTSUM

In a blender take less amount of rice blend,strain it for fine powder.

preparing sugar syrup
preparing sugar syrup@DELIGHTSUM

While preparing sugar syrup,be careful for its consistency. Keep checking by dropping little amount of syrup into a bowl of water.

sugar syrup done
sugar syrup done@DELIGHTSUM

If it the syrup doesn’t  dissolve in water and freeze immediately then off the gas.

stirring rice and syrup@DELIGHTSUM
stirring rice and syrup@DELIGHTSUM

Now add rice flour slowly with continuous stirring to avoid lumps in it.When its stiff to stir then stop to add more rice flour.

rice mixture for pithas
rice mixture for pithas@DELIGHTSUM

The mixture should be little thick and let it cool for some time.But elders who have experienced they start preparing when its little warm and make small small balls.

flatten aarisha/rice balls
flatten aarisha/rice balls@DELIGHTSUM

You should keep the ball on a greased  plastic or banana leaves,which will be easy to take the flatten ball out without sticking.Slightly flat the balls will give the shape of aarisha pitha.

frying of aarisha pitha
frying of pithas@DELIGHTSUM

Meanwhile heat 1/2 L oil in a wok or shallow pan,drop 2 to 3 pitha into the hot oil.Cook both the sides over medium flame until crispy and light brown .

aarisha pitha recipe
aarisha pitha@DELIGHTSUM

Do the same for rest of the pitha and keep the in a plate.It tastes great and feels good whenever arisha prepare at home in some special occasions.You can store these pitha in a tight jar for 7 to 10 days.


prep time:-4 hrs

total time:-2 hours(additional hours)

 things we need to prepare

  • 2 cups rice flour(only use home made fresh rice flour)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • ½ liter cooking Oil/Ghee
  • Water


Soak the rice in water about 3 hours. Wash thoroughly and discard the water.

Dry rice under the  shade/ else in a room temperature. Dry it using colander/traditional bamboo rice cleaner/white muslin cloth.We will dry until all the water from the cloth dry out.

Now  grind it and strain it to make a fine powder.

Heat ½ cup of water and sugar in a pot.Heat the syrup over medium flame.

Take 1/2 tsp of syrup and drop it into a bowl of water.If the syrup doesn’t get dissolve in water then off the gas ,your syrup is ready.

Add rice flour slowly into the syrup. Stir it continuously to avoid lumps.Keep it a side.

Grease your plastic polythene or banana leave. Make small balls of the mixture and flatten it using your finger.

Now heat oil and fry pithas on medium flame,until crispy and brown both the sides.Your pithas are ready to serve now..

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