A bowl of Apple Sago kheer or apple kheer is a healthy start of any festive time or best treat for the sweet lover who carving for sweets. Apple kheer made out of thick creamy milk and dry fruits make the dish more lovable and delectable. It tastes great served chilled along with crispy fried poori.

When Autumn comes it seems mini apple mountains everywhere placed on cart by sellers. Whenever I go for my morning walk i just loved to buy them. There are collections of many cultivars of apples. Most of the cultivars are for eating raw and desserts. Some are  only for cooking. Later I know that the green apples which I dislike the most for its sourness is a cooking apple and  red one  for desserts. Amazing to get such valuable knowledge to reveal my wrong concept for apples.

Apple Sabudana Kheer Recipe

Apple Sago Kheer@DELIGHTSUM

Raw apple is always being my favorite to kick start my day. But sometimes we get bored having the same food, so for me it a sweet mood changer food for me. When sweet pearls sago and hearty apple combined with few drops of rose essence will enchant a person to treat you with honour while serving.. It could be one of a best pandemic sweet forever which is aromatic and healthy too.

Rinse and Soak sago for 4 to 5 hours. Boil them in enough water. Here we need to use only 2 to 3 tablespoon of boiled sago.

When sago are crystal cleared add sugar and few salt. Stir it and refrigerate until cool completely. Cooling sago in refrigerator to  make the sago  non sticky.

I have luckily get cows milk. Even store brought packet milk would also go well. I always bit feared of sticking of the milk while stirring. But i just amazed to see even my flame was high but the milk was not chard the pan. But things never happens in packet milk.

I observed there is no comparing of cow’s milk with any other milk, which never be replaced.

Stir the milk over high flame. A swollen balloon frothed is always make the cooking fun in the time of preparing thick milk, I just loved it.

Scrapped the sides of the wok and allow the milk to thick. We need not required the thickness like rabri, you need to off the flame once the milk is starting to thick.

Although the peel of the apple have all the vitamins but we need to peel it. I have used three apples. I used one hand full of raw grated apple to pour inside the thick milk first with out frying.

Rest of the grated apples ,you need to fry them until all the moisture evaporated.

Add the fried apples into the warm milk .Drop just few drops of rose essence/ water. Rose water for cooking and cosmetic are both  different  so while you go for rose water you just keep in mind to use the rose water for culinary use only.

Take out the cooled sago and mix three tablespoon of it into the apple kheer. Combine it well by adding few dry fruits of your choice.

Festive time healthy sweet dishes
Apple Sago Kheer@DELIGHTSUM

Apple Sago Kheer

yield – servings 8

prep time – 5 hours

cook time – 40 minutes

total time – 5 hrs 40 minutes

Things we need to prepare

  • 6 cups milk
  • 3 apples -peeled, grated
  • 1/2 cup sago
  • 2 tablespoon powder sugar – as per taste
  • few drops rose water
  • One hand full dry fruits


Rinse sago and soak them in one cup of water for 4 to 5 hours. When soaked boil them in 1.5 cups of water. When they boiled add sugar and salt. Stir it. Allow it cool in  refrigerator.

Heat milk in a heavy bottomed pan over high flame. Keep stirring more frequently and when the milk start to thick ,add sugar and stir for few more time. Off the gas .

Mean while rinse the apples. Peel and grate them finely.

Add one handful of apple into the thick warm milk with out frying it.

Now in another pan, fry rest of the grated apples and fry them until all the moisture of the apple will be evaporated. Add  into the milk and cook again for 1 minute over high flame. Off the gas. Pour in to a bowl all the mixture.

When the sago are enough cooled, take 3 tablespoon of sago and add into the apple kheer. Mix few dry fruits and mix them well. Pour few drops of rose water and stir well. Again place them in refrigerator and serve chilled with any crispy poori or serve as it is..

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