Bottle gourd crepe or we can say it as lau chitau (in odia) is a combination of grated bottle gourd and rice.This is one of the best recipe for people who dont like to eat bottle gourd.Its a healthy and quick recipe too.

lau chitau
lau chitau@DELIGHTSUM

I like the structure of this crepe/pitha. For me odia chitau is a fancy and silky sticky crepe.It not only mouthwatering but also fascinating you from its honey comb texture.

It tastes great with milk which i love to.You can serve it with chutney of any kind or curry also.


  • Rinse and peel off the bottle gourd.I have taken one  bottle gourd.Remove the peel and grate it.
  • Soak rice in water for 5 to 6 hours.Then discard its water.

You can either use scrapped coconut or peel the skin of coconut and cut into small chunks.

In a blender mix rice ,grated bottle gourd,coconut and blend to form a fine batter.

For bottle gourd crepe we need a thin batter.So add some more water and salt into it.

My mother add more water to get the consistency. Always heat your tawa on medium flame when you pour batter and cook batter.

Grease a iron skillet/non sticky pan, spread 2 tsp oil.Noe pour 1 ladleful batter on tawa over medium flame.

Bottle gourd crepe
Bottle gourd crepe@DELIGHTSUM

Slightly spread the crepe on tawa,since the heat is high so it forms many bubbles and wholes..


Once it starts bubbling ,cover it on medium flame.Wait for some seconds/around one minutes.

This part i like the most it looks like a white bubble honeycomb.

lau chitau pitha
Lau chitau pitha@DELIGHTSUM

Its ready now.No need to flip it.

Do repeat the same for rest of the batter.Serve hot with any side dish you like to eat.

Yield: 4
Prep time: 4 hrs.

Total time: 4 hrs. + 10 mins (prep time+ cook time)

things we need to prepare

  •  Grated bottle gourd 3 cups
  •  Soaked rice 4 cups
  • Scrapped coconut ½ cup
  • Small ginger
  • Salt
  • Water


  •  Rinse and remove skin of bottle gourd. Remove all its seeds and grate it.
  •  Rinse and soak rice in enough water for 3 to 4 hours. Discard its water.
  •  In a blender mix rice, grated bottle gourd, ginger,coconut and blend it to form a fine smooth batter.
  •  Pour the batter into a large bowl and salt into it. The batter for the crepe should be thin, for the consistency you need to add more water.
  •  Grease an iron skillet/tawa/non sticky pan. Pour one ladle-full batter on it and spread it slightly. Cook on medium flame.
  •  You will see bubbles on the crepe, cover it and cook for some seconds.
  •  Now take it out from the pan without flip it and serve with any chutney/milk/curry..

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