Coconut milk is a milky white liquid extracted from scrapped or grated matured coconut flesh.Many people have question can we replace coconut milk with cow milk?Well there are many questions but i feel cow milk is he best milk ever we cant replace it any milk.But yes coconut milk is quite rich and creamy which has its own place.

Coconut milk is used in versatile from savory recipe to sweet desserts,there are many possibilities of using in most of the countries culinary cuisine.

I usually use coconut milk in most of my curries and desserts.It gives a game changer taste to each dish and makes the dish more delicious.It goes best  for preparing satvik food (with out onion garlic) when it makes the gravy thick and flavorful.

There are only two ingredients and you can easily make your own home made coconut milk i.e coconut and warm water..I never prefer for buying it in a can.

 First step:

coconut milk recipe
Scrapped coconut@DELIGHTSUM

You need to always use a matured coconut where you will get a thick and creamy texture milk.Crack coconut into two pieces.Use a knife to separate the flesh from the shell,scrap all its brown skin using a potato peeler.

Second step:

Now cut it into small pieces.Place small amount of coconut pieces in  blender.Pour warm water(1/2 cup) over the coconut.

Warm water will soft the coconut flesh to blend it nicely.Now blend on high until the coconut mixture will look milky.Do the same for the rest of the coconut pieces.

For best result,first pulse for two to three times and then blend on high.You can add little water while blending on high.

Third step:

milk coconut
Strained coconut milk@DELIGHTSUM

Mean while cover damped muslin cloth over a  bowl.Now pour the coconut mixture into  a muslin cloth and gather the ends of the cloth,squeeze it in your hand until you have extracted as much as the milk possible.

You can freeze the dried scrapped coconut and use in preparation pf any dessert as desiccated coconut.

Fourth Step:

coconut recipes
Homemade coconut milk@DELIGHTSUM

Transfer the coconut milk into a air tight bottle and use as you need.Its better to use it for 2 days in refrigerator.

Your coconut milk will separate after being refrigerated,which is normal. You need to give it a good shake and it should be ready to use.

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