Sajana saga or moringa leaves(drumstick leaves) find many uses in odia cuisine. Sajana saga ghanto is one of them.This dish is made of sajana saga /drumstick leaves along with rice and yellow moong dal as well..All these are highly nutritious and will give a new and exciting twist to your taste bud.This soupy type consistency dish is gluten free and delectable which will surely win your heart to say wow.

Drumstick leaves one of the staple food in many odia house hold.Its common to find drumstick tree in many odia house back yards. Pakhala (water rice)and Sajana Saga Bhaja (drumstick leaves stir fried) is one of the popular dish in odisha when summer season comes.But sajana ghanto is  a traditional dish of western odisha which people love to serve it with rice and any side dishes.

My Grand father was used to work in Railway and always hurry for office.I had seen most of the time when my granny had less ingredients to cook ,she used to rush for plucking drumstick leaves from backyard and mix with rice and dal to cook ghanto. The main part of this dish is its phutana (tampering) double to boost your appetite.

My grandfather had  slurped it at once and that was enough for breakfast.I observed my granny supposed to know the quality about the soup which was filled with nutritional values, so that no other things need to pair it with the soup.But on the other hand rest of the family members liked to have it with rice and any non-vegetarian dish while having their lunch.

Sajana Saga/drumstick leaves@DELIGHTSUM
Sajana Saga/drumstick leaves@DELIGHTSUM

First of all i would suggest whether you buy or pluck it from your back yard,you should be cleaned the dust and sometimes there are pest in leaves.So you should choose best leaves and check carefully before preparing for any food.

Take off the leaves from drumstick leaflets and wash them 2 to 3 times in clean water to remove the dust.Keep them in a plate.Meanwhile you need to rinse the rice thoroughly .


Soak the rice in water for at least half an hour.This process will help the rice to speed up the cooking.

Always fry yellow moong dal over medium flame until aromatic and help to avoid its stickiness.


In a Pan boil water,turmeric and salt.When they start to boil add both the rice and dal into it.Allow it to cook on medium flame,it will take 40 minutes to cook both dal and rice too.

If you are in hurry or less time to cook,then some one can use pressure cooker to cook the dish,about to 3 to 4 whistle over medium flame.Cool the pressure under water with out waiting to cool it on its own.


In the time of boiling you can add more water ,if the mixture is going to thick.The consistency for the soup must be slightly thin.


Add drumstick leaves and stir it.Allow it  to cook for 5 to 6 minutes over medium flame.


Cook on medium flame ,off the gas and drizzle the tampering over the soup.

Sajana Saga Ghanto| Moringa eaves Drumstick leaves Soup

yield: servings 4

prep time: 15 mins

cook time : 40 mins

total time : 55 mins

things we need to prepare

  • 1 cup or 2 handfuls drumstick leaves
  • 3/4 th rice
  • 3/4 th yellow moong dal
  • 500 ml water(can add more for thickness)
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric
  • salt

For tampering

  • 2 tsp oil
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • 1/2 tsp fennel seeds
  • 9 t o 10 crushed garlic cloves
  • 2 dried red chilies -broken


Rinse and soak rice in 1 cup of  water for half an hour.Then discard the water.

Shallow fry dal in a pan and cool it.

In a pot heat water and turmeric over medium flame.When it turns to boil add soaked rice and dal. Add salt and cook on medium flame until cook.

You need to pour more than 3 glasses of water or more to make it slightly thin.

After 30 to 40  minutes you found the dal and rice become soft ,add drumstick leaves and stir it for 3 to 4 minutes.Off the gas.

For seasoning heat oil(2 tsp ) in a small pan add mustard seeds when it started to splutter add fennel seeds,dried chilies and crushed garlic.When garlic turned light brown sprinkle it over the prepared ghanto/soup and cover it to lock the aroma.

Serve warm as it is Or can be paired it with steamed rice and any side dish..

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