Summer summer!!Mock-tails,fruity juice,iced tea ,beverages etc fabulous drinks splashing on eyes to beat the summer vibes cool and Refreshing.

Grape nectar is Crowd pleasant super cool refresher  made out of fruit pulps sooth you and  beat the heat into balmy summer.

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From juice to  jelly or wine,grapes are versatile used in popular food.Like mango ,melon grapes are also most awaited fruit in season.The vine plant cluster of berries are looking amazing and whenever pluck one to taste they always win your heart if matured.Some tastes sweet  some sour available in hue of purple,green and red.I have used ruby red grapes which has sweet outer thick skin  and gelatinous flesh inside loaded with seeds when crunch in mouth  will give you a sweet and tarty musky flavours.

Grape Nectar | nectar fruit |fruit nectar

As we know mint in summer is a power full herb loaded with antioxidants will sooth you from summer lethargy and fussiness.Tracing to the grape nectar then its loaded with thick grape pulp mixed with aromatic mint and zingy ginger.The sparkling pulp of mosambi makes the drink more flavourful and refreshing too.Its made out of only juice which have no added preservative colour will feel paradisaical and cool off the searing climate.

Grapes Nectar

yield : servings 2

prep time : 10mins

Things we need to prepare

  • 30 ruby red grapes -seeded
  • 1 mosambi/sweet lime
  • 1 Hand full mint leaves
  • 2 tsp ginger juice
  • sugar. – any sweetener
  • 1 cup crushed ice 


Clean and rinse all fruits,mint leaves and ginger..Remove seeds from the grapes.

For ginger juice,blend a skinned ginger along with little water until fine puree.Strain the puree and collect ginger juice.

Cut mosambi in wedges,remove seeds  and squeeze to release all the juice.There is no need to strain or use any tool to extract the juice,we need the pulps of the mosambi.

Whizz grapes,mosambi,mint leaves,ginger juice,sugar in a blender.

Place crushed ice one third of serving cup and slowly pour half of the fruit puree inside.Garnish with mint leaves and serve immediately to relish the hot evening and beat the searing heat.

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