Grapes Popsicle i have used Ruby red concord grapes which are slip-skin variety.If you squeeze the grape a fleshy translucent pulp comes out along with seed.They tastes both tangy and sweet with unique musky flavour is just perfect for this September mirror glazed summer.

Although  September has come,the climate is drier and sunnier. My daughter craving for ice cream and sweet tooth,when mercury rising up she dancing and screaming out for ice creams.Due to pandemic we just unable to get our own ice creams and most of the ice parlors are shutdown.I am glad to prepare ice lollies to not only make her happy and i just relaxed to make something healthy and delicious.

Home made ice cream is always fearless and of course a freedom of choice your own flavour.My grapes Popsicle made out of eye catchy concord grapes puree along with some sugar.Its tangy and sweet flavour makes the summer evening more enjoyable and relaxing from scorchy sun.

 Grapes Popsicle 

yield : servings 6

prep time : 10 mins

total time : 16 hours

Things we need to prepare

  • 1.5 cups grapes – Ruby red grapes/regular  grapes,seeded
  • sugar -as per taste
  • 1 cup water


Rinse thoroughly and stem out of the grapes.Halve and remove seeds of each grapes.

Blend it with a little water and sugar of you desire to form a fine mixture.

Whether you have powered blender or not,  best thing is to strain the grapes puree.It will not only remove the seeds,skinned and avoid the sand like taste due to the unstained seeds.

In every 2 hours of interval remove the stick from the ice mould and break up frozen grapes puree with a ice cream stick .Repeat this process until it’s difficult to remove the stick from the mould. place it in freezer until ready to serve.

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