Juice..who do n’t like.If its home made then it made your day healthy and joyful.Today i am sharing guava juice which is home made along with lemon juice and some sugar.

Its a quick and refreshment juice for anytime of your cock tail party.This year we have plenty of guavas laden in our guava tree.Now there is frequent guava juice party held in our backyard in most of the evening with friends.

When monsoon comes,the tree bursts into ethereal white bloom,you can feel the magical fragrance in the air.After few days they laden with guavas.In my family all love to pluck the guava and eat before they go to ripe. .

The deep fragrance of ripe guava is irresistible for my family members but they love to drink the juice of ripe guava.

Ripe guava is the best choice for preparing juice.People use spices to  make the juice more rich,but we love with some simple ingredients to remain its taste.

Ripe guavas are easy to scoop out its seed pulp.Or i can say this the  soul of guava juice. Cut the ends of the guava and cut into two pieces.Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds pulp.Collect the seeds pulp and keep one side.

Chop the flesh r white flesh into small pieces.Blend them in a jar,you can add little water to get a smooth pulp..

Next blend the seeds pulp along with little water to get a smooth pulp of guava.

Strain the pup using a strainer.Use a spoon to tap on pulp until of the pulp extracted.

Collect both the pulp and mix together in a bowl.

Now take 4 tbsp of pulp in a cup and add chill water .Add sugar and lemon juice.Stir it.

Serve chill along with some ice cubes..

Guava juice 

yield : servings 2

prep time : 10 mins

cook time : 5 mins

total time :15 mins

things we need to prepare

  • 3 ripe guavas
  • 2 to 3 tsp powder sugar-as per taste
  • 2 to 3 tsp lemon juice
  •  chilled water


Cut guava into two pieces.Now separate both the flesh and pulp seed of guavas.

Chop the green shell and blend to smooth paste along with little water.Take them out and keep in bowl.

Now blend pulp seeds in a jar along with little water.The seeds will be get ground if you blend more.So two to three pulse is enough to blend it for smooth pulp.

Strain the pulp in  a strainer.Tap the blended seed pulp with the back of the spoon against the sieve until you have all the pulp extracted. Sprinkle little water on pulp to easily extract the pulp.

Now add both the pulp and stir it.

In a cup take 4 tbsp of pulp ,1 tsp) lemon juice and sugar as per your taste .Pour chill water and Stir it.Serve it in a glass along with some ice cubes.

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