The process of preparing mini rasogullas are same as normal rasogulla. You need to pour full fat milk in a heavy bottomed pot,stir regularly so that milk won’t burn on the bottom of the the pan.

Sprinkle 1 or 2 tsp of vinegar into the boiled milk and keep stirring.In a few second you will she the  milk is going to curdle.Keep on stirring until milk completely curdle and form whey.

Whey is light yellowish/greenish water after milk is curdled. Don’t throw them they are very healthy and can be used in many culinary dish.

Pour  the curdle milk over a sieve or in a muslin cloth and drain the whey.

Now gather the end of the the cloth to form a cheese ball,squeeze it.If you are using lemon juice instead of vinegar,to remove the smell of the juice you need to wash the cheese under water using your hands for 2 to 3 times.

Now tie and hang on tap for 30 minutes to drip out excess water. Don’t hang long period,it will dry the moisture of the chhena and they can be broken while making balls.

Now remove the hanged cheese ball from the cloth in a  platter.Crumble cheese and rub it using your fingers and heel of palm in forward.Do rubbing until cheese get lighter and smooth.

When its about to leave the oil,knead it into a dough.In the time of kneading,you can add 1 tsp  refined flour or semolina for consistency.

mini candy shape rasogullas
mini candy shape rasogullas@DELIGHTSUM

Use your two hands to rolling a candy size small balls.To avoid cracking balls,cover them with a damped cloth.

sugar syrup for rasogulla
sugar syrup for rasogulla@DELIGHTSUM

Mean while use a heavy deep bottomed vessel,pour 5 cups and 1.5 cups of sugar. Boil on high flame until sugar dissolves completely.Boil for another 1 minute.Drop 3 to 4 crushed cardamom into the syrup.

I have used crushed cardamom (some love to add rose water,kewra essence to get the feel of restaurant). But my daughter she doesn’t like such flavors,so i preferred crushed cardamom.

rasogulla recipe
Boiling rasogullas in sugar syrup@DELIGHTSUM

Now pour cheese/chhena balls into the boiling syrup one by one.Cover the lid tight,else your rasogullas are not risen and squeezed.

After 5 minutes,use a tea spoon and turn balls.Now cook for 5 to 10 minutes over medium flame.My daughter loves this step,to watch dancing balls in  syrup,she also starts jumping  😉

odisha rasogulla recipes
Boiled rasogulla in syrup@DELIGHTSUM

Now off the gas,to ensuring yourself take one ball and put in a cup of water,if it  sinks then your balls are done perfectly.But its not necessary .Because after 10 minutes these balls are doubled their size and their colors are changed slightly,enough that its done.

Now its ready to serve.

Ratha Yatra/chariot festival sweets
Mini Rasogulla@DELIGHTSUM

You can drop some kesar/saffron to get a light yellowish look.You mini rasogullas are ready .Chill them in refrigerator before serving on plate.


yield : 35 balls

prep time : 35 mins

total time : 1 hrs

things we need to prepare

  • 1.5 L full fat milk
  • 1.5 cups sugar
  • 5 cups water
  • 4 to 5 crushed cardamom


Pour milk into a heavy bottomed pan and stir it over medium flame.When its slightly warm,add vinegar into the milk .After one or two stirring, milk will go to curdle.Keep stirring until milk completely curdle and a light greenish whey form.

Now pour the curdle milk into a sieve or in a muslin cloth. Gather it from the end of the cloth and squeeze it.If you are using lemon juice ,then wash the chhena(the white solid part) in water for 2 to 3 minutes.Now tie the cheese cloth ball and hang on tap for 30 minutes.

Now lift it out and put the cheese on a platter. Crumble the cheese/chhena and rub it using your palm heels until the chhena becomes lighter and soft.Knead it to form a soft cheese dough.The dough should not be more soft and more hard.Don’t rub more else the chhena will be left excess oil and broken easily while preparing balls.

Prepare small candy balls from the kneaded dough and cover with a damped cloth.

Meanwhile,boil sugar and water in a deep heavy vessel over high flame.Add crushed cardamoms.When sugar dissolves,boil another 1 minute.

Now its time to add balls one by one carefully.Cover the lid tight,make sure no air passing from the vessel while boiling.

After 5 minutes,turn the balls using a spoon .Cover it again and cook on medium flame another 10 minutes.

Your rasogullas are ready now ,you can sprinkle some saffron to get a light yellowish look.Chill in refrigerator before serve in plate.

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