Panna/pana sankranti is celebrate in all over odisha to herald  the new year of odisha and beat the scorching heat.Many of the places ,household in odisha and  people savour pana to their nearer or even passer by…

Panna is a traditional or homely made sweet cold beverage.It works great for any season.Specially in summer due to excess heat our body loss water so it’s important keep hydrated and maintain a good health.

Bur in modern days people love to savour sugary beverage filled with soda,artificial sugar which gives cool and sweet to our taste bud but harmful to our body.It would be beneficial to leave those sugary drinks and habitual to some traditional beverage like aam panna,sattu panna and ofcourse wood apple juice..there are many more recipes  in our traditional beverage cuisine..

Most of the panna ingredients are before they disappear from stores, it’s better   to grab some, make delicious panna and relish your summer month..


BELA PANA is sumptuous drink specially prepared on New year celebration of Odisha. During mid of april the sun is on his full mood when days are go longer and unbearable to resist the heat.

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