Sprouts are highly nutritious and one of the food goes well when eat raw.A popular eastern Asian cuisine allowed to use preparing versatile food and mixed sprout is one of them.

Mixed sprouts … a tangy evening snack can be prepared in a snap and one of the healthiest snack for any unplanned small get together party if you have germinated sprouts before.


So you just need to cut the vegetables and squeezing lemon that’s all !!

Sprouts are rich in nutrients and antioxidants , eating them can improve your digestion and blood sugar levels .I have used one of the popular legume that is green sprouts which can be germinated at home.You need to clean and soak the whole green grams in enough water then discard water and hang in muslin cloth at least one day to grow sprouts.


Another legume i have used is black gram chick peas or kala chana sprouts which take little more time to germinate than whole green grams with same process to grow sprouts.Black chick peas are power house of immunity booster and help reducing cholesterol.


There are various culinary use of sprouts but cooking sprouts will lose the nutritional values of nature’s one of the most gifted food.So eating a handful of raw sprouts in the morning is much better than cooked and it will keep you energetic all day.

There must be a food cart of sprouts in any fairs or events organised in most of the paces in India where they served sprouts in a leaf bowl.

Mixed sprouts salad contain very common ingredients of green gram sprouts,black chick peas sprouts along with healthy green salads but the dish won’t create magic with out lemon.When you squeezed lemon over the mixed sprouts, it’s  brimming shiny and enhance the taste to salivate your taste bud.

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Mixed Sprouts Salad@DELIGHTSUM

Sprouts Salad

Yields : servings 3

prep time : 10 mins

total time : 10 mins

things we need to prepare

  • 2 cups sprouted green gram/whole moong beans
  • 1 cup sprouted black chick peas/kala chana 
  • 1 large onion -chopped
  • 1 large tomato -chopped
  • 1 cucumber -chopped
  • 1/2 cup boiled peanuts -optional
  • One handful chopped coriander leaves
  • 2 tsp green chilies -finely chopped
  • salt
  • lemon


Before heading for sprouts salad i was already prepare sprouts before 2 days.So it was taken for me less time if you planning for sprouts salad,i would suggest you should plan it at least one day before,so that the legumes will be germinated and grown sprouts.

One by one all the ingredients mix in a large bowl ,adjust the salt.At the end enhance the taste with squeezing lemon.Mix the ingredients in your hand or a spoon evenly.

It’s ready to serve now.Relish the salad with fried papad to make the evening time more healthful and enjoyable.

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