authentic odia sweet dish A sweet and hearty yellowish bara/fritter is one of the auhtentic delecacy of odisha.Its made of sweet flesh jack fruit and rice flour.Being natural the yellow flesh turn the fritter not only looking attarctive  but also taste delicious.

Jack fruit flesh
Jack fruit flesh

Ripe jack fruits are available in the month of june to july,when e have enough amount of jack fruits and we get bored from eating naturally,my mother prepare different desserts from these.

I have n’t add any sugar into the recipe.Only add rice flour and cinamon for flavour.If you wish to add sugar then first taste the batter and then as per taste you can add sugar into the batter.

Som people add more rice flour until get a dough like consistancy.But l love thick and slight thin consistancy.When you pour one tsp of the batter into the hot oil,it starts to rise up,which i lkie to see very much.

Always maek the flame high when you drop batter into the oil then fry on simmer else your vadas will get oily and sticky.

You can either fry them yellow or golden brown.Both tastes great and looks eye catching.


yield : servings 6

prep time : 15 mins

total time : 30 mins

things we need to prepare

  • 1 cup ripe jack fruit bulbs/flesh(seeded)
  • 1 1/2 cup rice flour
  • 1/2 tsp cinamon powder
  • sugar -optional
  • salt
  • oil


Clean and remove seed from jack fruit bulbs..Blend them using little water to form a fine puree.

In a large bowl add puree,rice flour ,cinnamon powder and little salt.Now prepare a thick smooth batter adding slight water into it.

You can add more rice flour into the batter to make the batter more thick.

Now heat enough oil in a shallow pan or wok.Pour one tea spoon of batter into the hot oil over high flame.There should be slight space in the pan while you fry the fritters/bara.Once you pour the batter the balls are risen up, so pour only 6 to 7 tsp or less of the batter into the pan.

Now turn the bara and fry on medium flame and keep stiriing regularly.

When the balls are crunchy and yellowish ,take them out and serve warm.

You can fry them until golden brown also.Both are taste delicious.

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