Mustard fry fish is one of the authentic dish or i can say pure my mother hand made food.Mustard fried fish or sorish macha bhaja is  crunchy outside moist inside coated with mustard sauce and  glazed when drizzling with mustard oil.

Like Bengal cuisine,in Odia cuisine people are very fond of for fish. Rohu a river fish is available in all over the year and people love to use it most of the fish food rather than any other fish.

Mustard sauce fried fish  goes well with any steamed rice especially with pakhalo (water rice). Though its a quite traditional food but it amazes your taste bud with our modern rice like fried rice and some fries as well.

These chocolaty shiny fishes,i  love to enjoy ,squeezing lemon over the fish which enhance the taste along with some garden fresh salads..I wont say it tastes like heaven because heaven we cant compare with any food but yes i must say it tastes over the top..

Marinated Rohu Fishes@DELIGHTSUM
Marinated Rohu Fishes@DELIGHTSUM

Smear some salt and turmeric powder over the fishes.Keep them for marination about to 15 minutes.Always discard the water after marination which will reduce the odor of the fish.

Fish fry in mustard oil@DELIGHTSUM
Fish fry in mustard oil@DELIGHTSUM

Again mustard oil the best combination for any fish.Drop 4 to 5 tbsp oil and allow to hot.Always use heavy bottomed pan to fry any fish if you want the real taste of the fish.

You can either use skillet/tawa to fry the fish over medium flame.Don’t over fry or deep fry fish.Here we need only shallow fried fishes.

Shallow fried rohu fishes@DELIGHTSUM
Shallow fried rohu fishes@DELIGHTSUM

Whether you use onion paste or mustard paste for fish fry,my mother always shallow fry fishes first instead of use raw fish.She says it will allow you to remove the fishy odor ,if anything left after marination and your fish will be cooked properly.

After shallow fry,let them cool.

Prepared mustard sauce/batter@DELIGHTSUM
Prepared mustard sauce/batter@DELIGHTSUM

For mustard batter,first blend the mustard seeds dry to powder form.Then add cumin seeds,garlic,onion,turmeric,chili powder into it and form a smooth paste using less water.

Here we are not used any gram flour or rice flour to bind the batter.For mustard paste there is no need of all these ingredients these will reduce the taste of mustard,so avoid to use them.

Rohu Fish Recipe | Odia cuisine recipe
Fish dipped in mustrad sauce@DELIGHTSUM

Add salt to the batter.Rest it for 1 or 2 minutes.Now dip one fish piece and coat it well in the batter.

Mustard sauce coated fish@DELIGHTSUM
Mustard sauce coated fish@DELIGHTSUM

Heat tawa/skillet and add mustard oil on hot tawa.Now place one by one all the pieces carefully

Mustard sauce coated frying fish@DELIGHTSUM
Mustard sauce coated frying fish@DELIGHTSUM

Though we don’t use any binding ingredients so, its common  the fishes batter will be sprinkle while frying.So with out bother wait for some seconds and turn it.Fry over lower medium heat will give a crispy and browny texture to the fishes.

macha Bhaja|Bengal cuisine|mustard sauce recipes

Fry both the sides for 7 to 8 minutes until mustard sauce is cooked nicely and aromatic.

In odia cuisine although it served as side dish with pakhalo (water rice) when served thali(Indian style food serve selection of various dishes  on a platter. ) but it plays the main role in thali along with other side dishes.

 Mustard Fish Fry

yield : servings 2

prep time : 15mins

total time : 25 mins


things we need to prepare

  •  5 pieces  Rohu fish(any fish)
  •  mustard oil
  •  turmeric powder

batter preparation

  •  2.5 tsp heap full mustard seeds
  •  6 to 7 garlic cloves
  •  2 tsp chopped onions
  •  1/2 tsp cumin seeds
  •  1/2 tsp turmeric powder
  •  1 tsp chili powder
  •  salt

In a small jar first make a dry powder of mustard seeds,then add rest of the ingredients along with slight water to form a thick and smooth paste.

Add salt and prepare a slight thick paste.


Clean fishes and smear 1/2 tsp turmeric powder and salt for 15 minutes marination.Now discard the water.

In a heavy bottomed or aluminum skillet, shallow fry all the fishes.It should n’t be deep fried.

Now let the pieces cool .Dip each pieces into  the prepared thick batter and coat nicely.

There is no need to add any gram flour or rice flour .While frying you should be care full not to burn it.We need to fry only the masala/batter.

Meanwhile heat tawa and add some oil.Now place coated fishes over the tawa and fry both the sides.Though fishes are already cooked,so fry over medium flame until the coated mustard sauce cooked nicely and fishes are crispy,brown both the sides..It will be taken around 7 to 8 minutes .Serve it with steamed rice or green salads.

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