Mawa/ khoya is solid form of milk .Traditionally  Khoya is made by simmering full-fat milk in a large, shallow iron pan for several hours over a medium fire.But i have prepared instant khoya using full fat milk powder to skimmed milk and heating until it becomes thick.

Although no one can beat the traditional way taste of khoya,if we compare to instant khoya.

Mawa modak will be loved by  elders and kids as well.

Mawa or khoya Modak is a most popular sweet of state Maharashtra,India. For stuffed Mawa modak ,I use only milk powder and some sweet boondi..

Mould for Modak@DELIGHTSUM
Mould for Modak@DELIGHTSUM

Mawa or khoya the dough is very delicate,if you try to make it in your hand its a little chance to break so instead of using your hand ,for proper shape use modak mould.You can get them easily any market near you.


If you want to use milk khoya then you can go for it.I have used milk powder khoya,which takes less time to cook.Always use a good brand of milk powder not dairy whitener. Milk powder are less sweetener than dairy whitener and good for making any sweets.

You need to mix both the milk powder and cold or normal milk,whisk it to form a smooth paste.Keep remember there should not be any lumps inside.


Now add water to the milk mixture to make it more thin.Some use milk and milk powder direct in cooking.But there should be a chances of lump and khoya wont come out properly.


Pour the mixture into a heavy bottomed pan,over lower medium heat allow it to cook.Stir it continuously.Around 5 minutes it will be form as rabri or thick milk.

Add sugar,cardamom powder and combine with the thick milk.Here you can either raise the heat or over medium flame stir to avoid stick to the pan.Soon it will form as dough like consistency.

Grease  and take them out on a plate.Place it in refrigerator until cool.


Use your palm to knead it for 2 to 3 minutes with adding some ghee.Make a soft dough and prepare medium balls.


Mean while,take a bowl of boondi,add crushed any dried fruits of your choices.Instead of boondi you can use crushed boondi ladoo also.Set the stuffing ready on a plate.


Now again knead the small ball,make small whole using your finger tip,stuffed inside as shown in the  picture.


Now seal the ball and shape into a ball. Grease some oil or ghee in the mould.

Place the ball on the mould and press it tight.


You will get a shaped modak and take them out carefully.Repeat the same process for rest of the balls.

Stuffed Mawa Modak Recipe|Modak Recipe
Stuffed Mawa Modak@DELIGHTUSM

Mawa Modak|Stuffed Khoya Modak

Yield : servings modak 7

Prep time : 5 mins

Total time :15 mins

Things we need to prepare

  • 1.5 cups white milk powder
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 tsp ghee
  • 1 tbsp powder sugar-as per taste
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder


  • Sweet boondi/ boondi laddo crushed
  • crushed dried fruits -mixed cashews,pistachios,raisins


In a bowl mix both milk and milk powder. Whisk to form a thick paste.

Now add half cup of water , to form a slight thin consistency.

Use a heavy bottomed pan, pour the milk powder mixture and stir on lower medium flame .

around 5 minutes.

Scrap the sides and stir continuously to prevent sticking to the pan.

The milk become thick like curd now,add sugar,cardamom powder and stir continuously..

The milk mixture tuned into a solid soft dough consistency.

Off the gas and allow it to cool or can be refrigerate for 15 minutes…

Take them out from refrigerator,add ghee and knead  it to form a soft dough.

Make medium sized balls and keep it a side.

Meanwhile, mix boondi,some crushed dried fruits together and  keep it aside.Take one ball and stuff few prepared stuffing inside.Seal it  using your hand.

Grease the modak mould using some ghee.Place the ball in the mould and press it to form a modak. Do the same for rest of the Mawa dough.You can increase the size of the ball for better shape of the modak.

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