A gluten free taro root fried balls are made out of arbi/taro  dough and grounded spices.They not only look eye catchy but also an lip smacking crunchy evening snack.

A savory evening snack  gives a grate taste and you will feel a healthy snacks on your plate.This simple and easy to make snack goes well when served with any chutney or mayonnaise. It could be one of the most luscious and craving appetite of any party menu,loved by people of all ages.

I remembered i never been a big fan of taro roots because of its hairy muddy appearance and i always devoid it.But my mother since childhood she was supposed to serve me saying crunchy potato.I savour these fried balls with full of excitement even when i grown up,she just revealed the truth that it was taro root.I just spell bound what would  i say..Well this was  one of her old trick applying on me to savor vegetables which i dislike the most but they are quite health benefits too..

Arbi / Taro root is a hairy starchy brown coloured root vegetable available around the world in different shapes and texture.But the taste remain fleshy and slimy inside.Large or big taro roots are less starchy than small taro root.It also  taste much better .


In odisha both the types are used in versatile cooking.If we dig into cuisine of odisha then you will find taro root has honoured in sattvik(no onion and garlic) food .They  use in mixed vegetables and its soft ,creamy flesh makes the dish delicious and flavourful.

My recipe taro fried balls are deep fried and crunchy made of big taro roots which in local known as saru. Golden brown colour exterior and soft slimy flesh inside a perfect evening snacks.If you are get bored from potato fritters or regular store brought, then this one be  of the best  must try recipe.


For preparing the recipe,you need to clean the taro root first.Rinse thoroughly and dry it.

Its better to use a gloves though they are slippery and hairy bits.Use a peeler or knife to peel the outer layer  hairy brown skin.Now chop them into small pieces.Some people facing itchiness while cutting,better to use a gloves or rub some oil in your hand to avoid from itchiness

Wash them in plenty of water and discard the water.


Boil taro roots in enough water along with adding some salt.Boiling taro roots will go away the itchiness of the root.Boil over medium flame and partial cover the pot.


Few times the taro roots will be soften enough ,off the gas.Now strain the boiled taro roots and discard the water .

Now keep them in a plate and refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours.Take them out from the refrigerate and mash them evenly.


When it mashed,add corn four and rest of the ingredients.Knead to a soft dough.There is no need to add any water.The moisture of taro roots are enough to make the dough soft.


Make small balls from the dough and start to heat enough oil.


Drop 5 to 7  balls in the oil.Keep remember the temperature of the oil should not be high else the balls will be started to break.Keep stirring the balls over medium flame(it will take 5 minutes) to make it more crunchy and brown in colour.

Taro Root Fried Balls

Yield : Servings 25 balls

Prep time : 10 mins

Cook time  : 20 mins

Total time : 30 mins

things we need to prepare

  • 400 g  big taro root 
  • 5 tbsp corn flour 
  • 1/2 cup scrapped coconut
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1/4 th tsp baking soda
  • salt


Clean and rinse the taro root thoroughly.Use a gloves and start peeing the skin of the taro root.Cut them into small pieces and soak them in enough water.Rub them in water,rinse 2 to 3 times and discard the water.

In a pot heat 1.5 cups of water and salt ,when it starts to boil add cleaned taro roots into it.

Cook on medium flame until taro roots are soft or fall a part when pieced with a fork around 10 minutes over lower flame.Sometimes it takes more time depend on the quality of taro root.Off flame.Drain the taros and allow to cool .

Refrigerate the boiled taros until cool completely..Take them out  and mash them using a hand masher or your hand until no lump inside.

Now add cumin seeds,corn flour,soda,chili paste,curry laves, scrapped coconut into the pan. Combine all the ingredients along with mashed taro root and knead to form a soft dough.There is no need to add water,taro has enough moisture to knead the dough.

Make small balls out of the dough.Mean while heat oil in a pan.

Now drop 5 to 7 balls into the hot oil and turn the balls over medium flame.Keep stirring the balls to avoid breaking over lower medium flame around 5 minutes.

When they become crunchy and golden brown,take them out in a kitchen towel.Do repeat the same process for the rest of the balls.

Serve them in any chutney or mayo and relish a wonderful healthy evening snacks.

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