Rasogulla is quintessential delicacy of odisha .Tulasi / Tulsi rasogulla is made out of creamy cottage cheese and sugar syrup with queen herb tulsi. The taste is delicious and organic which will be make your mood delightful.

I always Preparing and offering food to lord jagannath during rath yatra(famous cart festival of odisha).Last year i had a wish to offer my own home made Tulsi Rasogulla to the universal lord.

Though my wish to prepare tulsi rasogulla was fulfilled but  little sad because this year there was no chariot festival.I  show my devotion and gratitude by offering my food at home to god.It was great a relaxation and peace.

Tulasi/tulsi (Basil) leaves
Tulasi/tulsi (Basil) leaves

As we know tulsi is a sacred plant and beloved of  lord Jagannath who is incarnation of lord Vishnu. So before preparing use clean or new pot to cook.I use our backyard tulsi plant.While plucking leave from plant please do with respect.

Use full fat milk for preparing chhena/cheese…Pour milk into a pot,use a  heavy bottomed pot which goes better for preparing chhena or cheese.Place over medium heat.

Sprinkle lemon juice over the milk and stir a few times.Some can use vinegar/citric acid to curdle the milk.Though preparing for God i want to use natural source to curd the milk.

Over medium flame continue stirring slowly every few minutes until the milk curdle completely. Turn off the heat.

Large curds will appear and begin to separate from the whey which nothing but the clear and greenish liquid formed after curdling.

Meanwhile line a large sieve with a damped muslin and put it over a large bowl.Now pour curdle milk carefully over the muslin cloth,gather the muslin and squeeze out the excess liquid.

Wash it in running water  for 2 to 3 times to remove the smell of lemon.

Now tie the muslin cloth with chhena and allow it to hang for 30 minutes. Don’t hang for  long period,else chhena will be dried.

delightsum rasogulla
rubbing the cheese/chhena@DELIGHTSUM

Now take out chhena from the cloth and crumble it. Use your fingers and the heel of your palm to rub the chhena forward in a plate.When it goes to smooth and lighter about to release oil stop rubbing.Add finely chopped tulsi leaves(20 leaves) to the rubbed chhena and knead to form a smooth dough which should not be neither too hard and too soft.

Now make small or medium balls as you desire.When rolling the cheese balls between your hands, be careful there should not be any crack.

Mean while in a deep heavy bottomed pan pour 7 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar.Cook on over high flame. When the sugar dissolved ,cook for another 1 minute more.

Now drop all the balls one by one over high flame,add crushed cardamom and finely chopped tulsi (7 to 8 leaves).While covering the lid,make sure that the pot has a tight lid to cover the rasogullas .After 5 minutes turn the balls using a spoon and again cover the lid for 5 minutes.Now cook on medium flame for anther 5 to 10 minutes. The cheese balls have enough space to float while cooking.When you remove the lid, you will be delighted to see that the rasogullas have swelled up and are looking beautiful! Switch off the flame and allow it to cool.

The aroma when sprinkle leaves are perfect way to fill your home aromatic scent gives you a spiritual smell.

rasogulla recipe
Tulsi Rasogulla@DELIGHTSUM

For ensuring,put one ball in a cup of water,if it sinks then its done.Off the gas and let it cool.

odia rasogulla
Tulsi Rasogulla@DELIGHTSUM

Now tulsi rasogulla is ready to serve.Though tulsi is beloved to lord Jagannatha ..so its good to offer to god first.

Bengali rasogulla



Yield – 15 balls

Prep time – 45 mins

Total time – 1 hr

things we need to prepare

1.5 L full fat milk

1 tbsp lemon juice

2 cups sugar (1 cup =250g)

7 cups water

4 to 5 crushed cardamom

20 to 30 tulsi/basil leaves


Pour milk into  a heavy bottomed pan.Cook on medium heat and stir it.Add lemon juice and stir again.When the milk start to curdle ,cook for another few seconds until milk completely separated and you can see whey,a greenish water.

Off the gas and wait for 5 minutes.

Use a muslin cloth to squeeze all its water,Wash the chhena/cheese thoroughly in tap water using  your hand.It will eliminate the lemony taste of the chhena .Now tie and hang up the cheese filled muslin cloth to remove extra water from the chhena  for 30 minutes.

Don’t hang long time ,it will loose moisture and dry your chhena. It should be slightly dry with little moisture consistency.

Lift the muslin onto a plate and use your palm and finger to rub cheese to form the cheese lighter about to leave oil.Once the cheese is soft and pliable stop rubbing.

Now make either small or medium balls out of the cheese.Make sure there should not be any crack in the balls.

Mean while,heat a heavy deep vessel and pour water and sugar.Cook over high flame,once the sugar dissolved,cook another 1 minute.Now drop balls into the syrup one by one.Add finely chopped leaves and crushed cardamom into it.Cover the lid tight .

Cook for 5 minutes.Then remove lid and carefully turn the balls using a spoon and  cover it.Cook for another 5 to 10 minutes over medium flame.You can see the balls are doubled the size and dancing in the syrup.

To check if the rasogullas are cooked, drop one in a cup of water. If it sinks, it is done.

Off the gas and chill it before serving.The aroma when sprinkle leaves are perfect way to fill your home aromatic scent gives you a spiritual smell.Though tulsi is beloved to lord Jagannatha ..so its good to offer to god first.

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